For more information contact Marijana Rimanić (+385 95 8723563), or local communication managers in CORNERS.


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Press releases

22.09.2015.CORNERS at Belfast International Arts Festival

03.09.2015.Stories from Prizren

27.07.2015.Around the CORNERS: Prizren

06.07.2015.CORNERS live – Digital platform for CORNERS artworks

12.05.2015.CORNERS in Haninge – turning each corner inside out

28.04.2015.CORNERS Haninge – Turning Stockholm inside out

17.03.2015.Final CORNERS Xpedition just started!

06.03.2015.10 cities in Europe launched CORNERS!

27.02.2015.We are launching a new phase of CORNERS in 10 places across Europe!

28.08.2014.CORNERS receives EU support

14.11.2014.CORNERS Ersboda – Turning Umeå inside out

04.12.2014. – Puglia Xpedition Announcement (English version | Italian version)