“Put yourself in my place” opening and CORNERS launch in Umeå

On April 4th, we will launch new exciting phase of CORNERS with the multimedia project Put yourself in my place. After the series of Xpeditions where artists and researchers were exploring corners of Europe, gathering stories and inspiration for artistic projects, now is time to share those stories, to bring them back to those corners that inspired them, and present them in some other ones. One of such a story, Put yourself in my place, connects Balkan and North through the exciting and brave “exchange” of Milijana Babić and Ida Hansson.

The artists Milijana Babić and Ida Hansson developed their own methodologies for understanding differences in how society approaches art, through a specific long-term continuous performance of swopping lives, not by simply imitating each other, but by adopting new environments. They have remained same persons but examined how this new environment affected both them, and their artwork. The life of Milijana thus created the meaning of life for Ida, and vice versa.

CORNERS invites you to join us on a press conference on Thursday, 3rd of April at 11:00 and at the opening on Friday, 4th of April at 19:00, around the CORNER from the Verkligheten Galley, Skolgatan 91, Umeå.

The multimedia project will be opened until 13th of April.

We’ll be back in Umeå again in November, when more CORNERS co-creations will be shown and experienced. Papyrint and Birdhouse Gallery, both part of our Kids on the CORNERS thread aimed at children and youth. Light Project, reflecting on connections between the Sami and the Crimean Tartar cultures. In Between, a co-creation with residents in a housing block at the edges of Umeå. Each designed by constellations of artists from the corners of Europe: Northern Ireland, The Basque Country, the Balkans, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria and of course from Umeå, the Cultural Capital of Europe 2014.
The artists wish to thank their families, friends and all others who helped the realisation of this project.

Special thanks to Inga Britt Frohm and Inka Miškulin.

Graphic design: Ana Tomić & Marino Krstačić-Furić
Video editing: Ingeborg Fülepp
Photo editing: Nada Žgank
Translations: Gerd Aurell, Katarina Lovrečić, Lidija Toman
Proofread: Peter Standish Evans
Introduction text: Davor Mišković

Project executive producer: Nataša Zavolovšek / Exodos


Supported by: IASPIS, Department of Culture of the City of Rijeka, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Foundation Kultura nova, Västerbottens Kuriren, Novi list

Production: Drugo more and Intercult as representative for Umeå 2014