Corners Trnje

CORNERS visited Zagreb first in April 2012 during the Balkan Xpedition, then again in May and June 2016 during CORNERS Triangle that was also happening in Rijeka and Ljubljana, and now CORNERS is back again in Zagreb, and coming straight to neighbourhood Trnje! This time with two great workshops for kids: Birdhouse Gallery and Playground!

Birdhouse Gallery

Pogon Jedinstvo
exhibition opening: 3.6.2017, 17:00h

Birdhouse Gallery is a workshop that encourages kids to think openly and creatively, and at the same time to develop art skills. The aim of the workshop is to open the kids’ imagination, to develop their creative ideas and to enable them to improve their artistic skills. The authors of “Birdhouse Gallery” are travelling around Europe, building birdhouses with kids from different places in Europe, creating the network of small galleries around the continent. Instead of renting a gallery space – they exhibit the art in the birdhouses!



Pogon Jedinstvo
presentation of games archive: 3.6.2017, 17:00h

Four CORNERS artists have been travelling around Europe together, meeting game players and learning about their games.

They have recreated these games for you here, trying to bring the gaming culture along with them as well as the game itself. Some of them you might recognize; some may be a little different. Our games can be a portrait of ourselves, something in common between generations and cultures. Can we make new connections across Europe through our shared experiences of games? While in Zagreb they were learning new games and added them to the playground. Now it’s time to try it out!