Atlas of Tremors

I am a wee weaver confined to my loom…

Taking as its central motif the contemporary computers’ predecessor, the Jacquard weaving loom, the performance Atlas of Tremors confronts live sung folk song with digital sound processing. The Jacquard weaving loom was a 19th century technological advancement – a mechanical machine whose weaving patterns were programmed by means of punched cards, an instrument that would shape both the industrial age and the development of computers in modern times.

Starting from a selection of songs composed and sung first by handloom linen weavers and later by textile mill workers, Atlas of Tremors reflects the transformations of labor and local communities as production of textile transitions from a man’s craft into the industrial age factories powered by steam and labor of women and child, only to close down across Europe in our own age. Textile production has been displaced to zones of cheap labor, run by a computer integrated global market. Linen is still woven, but mostly somewhere else. Traditional songs of the linen trade sound an echo of the labor of generations past, they map its social, political, but also technological memory.

Atlas of Tremors travels to different sites mapping Europe through songs, sounds and images collected in exchange with local singers – leading to an ongoing cartography of encounters.

This interdisciplinary project working on the intersection of traditional & contemporary, of vocal performance & digital technology addresses both audiences interested in traditional folk song and those interested in mediatized live performance.

By making the creation process available in a workshop setting, the project will also directly engage with local inhabitants, artists and students in frank discussion of the methods and processes behind the work, opening up for the inclusion of local songs, sounds and images with a beginning

Local amateur singing groups and individuals, interested and informed about local folk singing traditions are invited to participate the workshop. Special focus is on songs talking about production of textile and process around it. In exchange with artists, Phil Hession and Ivana Ivković, they are teaching their local and learning songs from other Corners locales. Material from this exchange is included in the performance on site and all future ones.

People interested in creative use of digital technology, students of art academies, specially multimedia departments and students of politechnical universities are invited to participate in a talk with artists Ivan Marušić Klif and Christian Cerene. The talk is taking place in the technical setting of Atlas of Tremors.

General audience in the performance has possibility to influence moments in the performance by using punched cards to directly change the audio and video output.


Authors of the performance: Phil Hession, Ivana Ivković, Christian Cherene, Ivan Marušić Klif

Crew: Lovro Rumiha (production assistant), Miljenko Bengez (light technician), Jasmin Dasović (sound technician), Dejan Dragosavac Ruta (graphic designer)

Thanks to: Maurice Layden, Hermann and Marion Baur, Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum, Thomas Fergusons Irish Linen, Lawrence Street Workshops – Belfast, BADco.

Authors of Atlas of Tremors: