Flashes represent a small program of personal favorites drawn from a vast pool of films screened at DokuFest in previous years. Films about cranes and crane operators high above London, bank robbery gone wrong somewhere in Sweden, ancient custom of ...

Safari Here

Using tools and aesthetics appropriated by the Tourist Industry the artists of Safari Here are exploring the possibilities and limits of their experience and role within Corners. The work is happening in public and with the public’s participation in elements of its making.


Four CORNERS artists have been travelling around Europe together, meeting game players and learning about their games. They have recreated these games for you here, trying to bring the gaming culture along with them as well as the game itself.


[VOICEOVER] has been developed by Corners in collaboration with local community groups and individuals. In a series of mapping workshops and live radio broadcasts Myers, Kolendo and Mucko have gathered and recorded personal stories of social, environmental and industrial change.

In Between

Observation in philosophical terms is the process of filtering sensory information through the thought process. Input is received via hearing, sight, smell, taste, or touch and then analyzed through either rational or irrational thought. What happens if the observed object knows that he/she is being observed and the observation also changes positions so that the observer is being observed by the object? As artists we can play with these roles and also with the purpose of our observations which in contrast to the science can have a more open and indistinct objective and perhaps use different methods.


Fifteen- twenty kids from local community and five artists from different disciplines create and present a live performance during a two-week joyful and creative work. Children’s stories from corners of Europe are the ground for a workshop with music, movement, ...

Bridging the Silence

Bridging the Silence is a visual and sound installation designed to be shown on a pedestrian bridge, created by Hrvoslava Brkušić, Croatian multimedia & sound artist; Deirdre Cartmill, N. Irish poet, and Beatriz Churruca, Basque visual artist & Performer.


Windows is a piece of participatory outdoor theatre, where local residents and visitors answer a series of questions on topics ranging from local to existential issues.

Sister of Another Mama

Sister of Another Mama is a collaborative group of artists including: Tonya McMullan - a visual artist from Northern Ireland, Joseba Irazoki a musician from the Basque Country, Mila Pavićević – a dramaturge from Croatia, SIMKA (Simon Häggblom + Karin Lind) who are visual artists from Sweden.

Oh My Home – Lost & Found

Borders and belonging, identity and rejection, struggle and intimacy, roots and mobility, walls and bridges. Making home. Reclaiming home. Losing and finding home. Composed of familiar elements that remind of a diversity of these experiences, the piece invites the public ...

Birdhouse Gallery

Birdhouse Gallery is an art workshop for school kids ending with a public presentation / exhibition. It is aiming to encourage imagination, develop children’s creative ideas, improve their artistic skills and strengthen appreciation for the arts.


Land is necessary for all Peoples. So is Light. For some, the Land is the core of their existence and culture. So is light. Occupations of Land and forced moving are ongoing. For this project, the Peoples are essential. So is light.