Riccardo Spagnulo

Riccardo Spagnulo (1984) is playwright and actor. Since 2006, he travels across Italy and Europe with the company Fibre Parallele, performing own shocking and ironic plays.

He is oriented toward a theatre which tells about the world we are living in with a touch of surrealism, seeking hidden stories about people on the edges. He believes that theatre is a powerful instrument to build up communities. He is engaged in teaching project with teenagers and the elderly. He is part of the project Short Latitudes Puglia (British Council – Teatro Pubblico Pugliese) and the European project Fabulamundi – Playwrighting Europe.

Co-Creation by Riccardo Spagnulo:

  • Playground

    Four CORNERS artists have been travelling around Europe together, meeting game players and learning about their games. They have recreated these games for you here, trying to bring the gaming culture along with them as well as the game itself.

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