Laurence McKeown

As a writer, playwright, and film-maker Laurence McKeown is interested in political activism and the role that the arts can play in political struggle. His involvement in creative works, writing, political education, and academia began during his period of incarceration as a political prisoner (1976-1992).

Following his release from prison he completed a doctoral thesis at Queen’s University, Belfast and co-wrote a feature film, H3, which told the story of the 1981 hunger strike in which he participated. In recent years he has worked closely with Kabosh Theatre Company developing bespoke drama to help facilitate discussion around how to deal with the legacy of conflict.

Co-Creation by Laurence McKeown:

  • Built to Contain

    Convicted persons tell tales of the untold in radio play developed with international artists. Through a series of meetings and workshops, stories were gathered to produce a unique 16 minute play exploring life in prison including daily routines, power systems, small acts of rebellion, communication with the world beyond the walls and imaginary escapism.

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