Ana Frank

Ana Frank is a young research fellow at the Peace Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her main topics of research are Turkey-EU relations, gender and religious studies with special focus on Islam, and postcolonial studies.

Asier Zabaleta

Before he joined the Swiss company ALIAS (Geneva) in 1999, where he participated in the creation of six theatre-dance productions, alive exhibitions and public improvisations; he worked with a number of dance and theatre companies including Arteszena, Adeshoras, Compañía de ...

Beatriz Churruca

Beatriz Churruca was born in Pamplona (Navarra) in 1973. She used her studies to travel into Spain. She got her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona in 1996 (speciality Painting), after the first three years in Salamanca, next to Portugal. She went to Barcelona to continue her formation in dance (began in 1992) and also to see dance and theatre performances. She's not a dancer but a lover of danse and often uses her body and movement in her work.

Bojan Mucko

Bojan Mucko (1983) holds a master degree in philosophy, ethnology and cultural anthropology (Faculty of Humanities and Social Science in Zagreb) and a master degree in new media art (Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb).

Borja Ruiz

PhD in Pharmacology and Postgraduate studies in Scenic Arts (University of the Basque Country). Artistic director of KABIA Theatre, which has received the following awards: Ercilla Award to the Best Basque Show, Larruzz Breakthrough Award and CENIT Award in the II Competition of New Theatre Researches. He has worked as an actor in Gaitzerdi Theatre Company since 1995 and with this company he has received the following awards: Umore Azoka Award to the best Basque Show (2004 and 2008), Award of the Public in the Festival of Espartinas (Seville, 2004) and Award for Excellence in Choreography in the New York Fringe Festival (2000).

Christian Cherene

He is co-founder of art/science research collective BeAnotherLab, which investigates identity and empathy using embodied interaction, virtual reality, storytelling and performance. His practice explores the interdependent relationship between technology, culture and sensory perception through interactive system design for multimedia installation, ...

Davor Sanvincenti

Born in 1979. Davor Sanvincenti is a multimedia artist from Croatia, also known by monikers such as Messmatik and Gurtjo Ningmor. He is specifically interested in the field of audiovisual research and anthropology of visual culture, particularly focused on the conditions and forms of human senses and perceptions.

Deirdre Cartmill

Deirdre Cartmill is a Belfast based poet who has published two poetry collections The Return of the Buffalo (Lagan Press, 2013) and Midnight Solo (Lagan Press, 2004). The Return of the Buffalo deals with grief and loss, and attempts to make sense of the seemingly meaningless, but this is always weighted with how suddenly, unexpectedly joyous life can be. Midnight Solo is written from the perspective of a generation who grew up through the conflict in the north of Ireland and their struggle to envision a new normality in a post-conflict society. Love, loss and a restless search for identity are recurring themes in her poems but her work is ultimately about hope and the possibility of redemption.

Elvin Flamingo (Jarosław Czarnecki)

Elvin Flamingo (Jarosław Czarnecki) born in 1967 in Pelplin. Student in the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Gdańsk. He received his Master of Fine Arts from ASP Gdańsk in 2004. The founder and leader of the Onion Center Club, an absurdist movement and musical group that performed cacophonic jazz, leader of the group A Taste of Honey, with which he collaborated on his diploma film based on the play by Roland Topor Le Bébé de Monsieur Laurent. The film was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Festiwal Krótkich Filmów in Gdańsk (2005).

Fredrik Oskarsson

Fredrik Oskarsson began his film career at a local TV-station in Dorotea, northern Sweden 1996 and produced short documentaries and programs there until 1999 when he moved to Umeå. 2002 he started the productioncompany oskar&oskarsson together with his collegue Oskar Östergren. During these years, Fredrik has produced numerous one-hour documentaries and has been involved both as a script developer, photographer, editor and producer in several other documentary films screened at festivals and television.

Gianfranco Mirizzi

Born in the “heel” of Italy’s “boot” in 1973, Gianfranco Mirizzi is a visual artist living and working in Rijeka, Croatia. Architect, musician and new media artist - in his practice Mirizzi uses multifarious media, themes, and languages to investigate such phenomena as formation, transformation, alteration, discontinuity, crisis, collapse, and reformation, aiming to question the ideology/form superstructure of anthropized environments.

Helena Wikström

Helena Wikström is a visual artist and curator, living and working in Umeå, north of Sweden. She uses various media such as photography, installation and painting to examine structures in society or as a tool to find out what a specific detail can narrate in a broader context. Together with Gerd Aurell, Helena has been working with art that focuses on urban planning and democracy, for example “Another City is Possible” for the 2009 MADE-festival in Umeå.

Hrvoslava Brkušić

Born in 1982, Hrvoslava graduated film editing at the Academy of Dramatic arts in Zagreb and holds a MA at the Department for animation and new media at the Academy of fine arts, Zagreb. As a film editor, she contributed to the series of documentary, feature and experimental films.

Ida Hansson

Ida Hansson (1978) is a visual artist working with performance and video. She lives and works in Umeå, Sweden. Her work focuses on questions concerning identity, gender and normality, using alter egos and role-playing.

Isabella Mongelli

As director, playwright and performer she created: IRINA[Varietà] Deljirant and a long-term project about her home-town, Taranto (distorted in tarànto), a name-concept that states a human way of life in some special places where life jumps between poisons. The project ...

Ivan Marušić Klif

Ivan Marušić Klif graduated from The School of Audio Engineering in Amsterdam in 1994. His field of interest includes fine arts (light installations and kinetic objects), music and sound for theatre and performance art.

Ivana Ivković

Ivana Ivković (1975) holds an M.A. from the Department of Dramaturgy at the Academy of Drama Arts in Zagreb. She is a member of theater collective BADco., on the editorial board of Frakcija Journal for Performing Arts, has published in several other publications (Maska, The Drama Review, TkH…), and is a program coordinator at the Center for Drama Art in Zagreb.

Ixone Ormaetxe

Her artistic path has always moved through several disciplines that go from visual art to poetry, inspiring from all the possible sources. She has done works that have allowed her to express in a pictorial, audiovisual, and textile way using ...

Jacek Dominiczak

Jacek Dominiczak is an architect, researcher and educator. Since 2004 Jacek Dominiczak, together with Monika Zawadzka, architect and anthropologist, has worked on SEAS’s Fast Urban Research project. He works on the Dialogic Space project, its original urban and architectural design theory and methodology, as well as its practical application into Local Identity Codes, a professional tool for cities and architects.

Joseba Irazoki

Versatile and restless, elegant and pragmatic, and equally interested in both composition and improvisation; Joseba Irazoki has been leaving his imprint in an heteregeneous bunch of projects, adventures and intentions that have finally expelled, or better said, set free, his most introspective self in those works he has dared to sign under his own name.

Juan Aizpitarte

He is a multidisciplinary artist and his work is based on the video and installation, appearing and disintegrating after different strategies and artistic disciplines, such as performance, graphics, sound, sculpture, video and photography. Investigates and intervenes in urban areas through ...

Julie Myers

Myers’ work forms a response to people and place; exploring everyday ways that people make sense of their environment through memory, personal experience and the representation of story. These concerns are developed though collaborative and participatory projects with communities and ...

Kajsa Sandström

Kajsa Sandström is a dancer and choreographer from Sweden. She has worked with Weld Company (SE) 2013, Cie Kubilai Khan Investigations (FR) 2008-2010 and Mette Ingvartsen (DK) 2003-2007. Since 2006 Kajsa develops her own projects initiated by artistic interests and questions, often in collaboration with other artists. By displacing her knowledge in meeting, collision and dialogue, she finds potential to work choreographically and with dance in new ways.

Kateryna Radchenko

Kateryna Radchenko was born in Odessa, Ukraine and still lives in this sunny –sea place. By education she is a philosopher – cultural scientist and journalist. She has worked in the media and the football club Chernomorets as a photographer, and then the art director at art club “Exit”, Odessa.

Lalya Gaye

Lalya Gaye is an artist, designer and engineer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK where she runs the collaborative digital media art practice Attaya Projects.

Lars Göran Karlsson

Lars Göran Karlsson (1945) is a senior lecturer. He has been working with research and development within the field of IMER, international migration and ethnic relations, and as an editor of two series of publications, PfMI, Partnership for Multiethnic integration, and MERGE, Papers on transcultural studies.

Laurence McKeown

Born 1956. As a writer and playwright, Laurence McKeown is active in the broader context of political activism and academia, focusing on the role the arts can play in these fields. His involvement in creative work, political education, and academia began during his period of incarceration as a political prisoner (1976-1992).

Lena Stenberg

Educated at Konstfack Stockholm (National Academy of Fine Arts) 1986-90. Her artistic work has been moving between distinct historical reflections and political issues but also with an exploration of objects and forms that are universal and contemporary. She works primarily with three-dimensional works sculptural objects, installations and photography.

Lucia Serena Cannale

Always enthusiastic about the arts, Lucia Serena Cannale, Italian, born in 1983, began by studying dance (modern, contemporary, hip hop, ballet) before entering the circus world.

Lucyna Kolendo

Lucyna Kolendo is a visual artist working with photography, sound and animation. She completed her MA in Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and recently undertook a residency in the Colony of Artists.

Maciej Salamon

Born in 1984 in Gdańsk/Poland. A Man of Many Talents: Visual artist, free lance graphic designer, ilustrator, founder, vocalist and text-writer of Gówno band (first polish rodeo punk rock band). Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where he actually works as a lecturer in Intermedia department.

Maria Anastassiou

Maria Anastassiou is an artist filmmaker, originally from Cyprus and now based in London. Her practice uses analogue, digital and archival materials across platforms from gallery to cinematic, documentary and participatory modes of production.

Michael Hanna

Michael Hanna completed his MFA at the University of Ulster in 2012 and recently undertook residencies at the Millennium Court Arts Centre and Digital Art Studios. He graduated with BA (Hons) in Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art in 2009. Hanna has been involved in exhibitions in the UK and internationally including Futures at Elephant Gallery, Los Angeles and Instances of Agreement at the Kao Yuan Arts Centre in Taiwan.

Miha Horvat

Miha Horvat is trained in arts and science. Since 2000 he is a part of artistic alliance son:DA - a tandem with Metka Golec - that belongs to that area of art characterised by the linking of various technologies and media, as well as a new approach to group work. In 2009 son:DA opened Foundation Sonda, foundation for theory and practice of audio-visual art.

Mila Pavićević

Mila Pavićević holds an MA in Performance dramaturgy from the Academy of drama art in Zagreb. As a dramaturge she worked both in the institutional theatres in Zagreb and on the freelance scene.

Right now she is working as a dramaturge in Croatian national theatre in Rijeka. She is also a member of Centre of Drama Art and a part of the editorial board for the performing arts magazine, Frakcija.

Milijana Babić

Milijana Babić (1974) is a visual artist whose work often enters the field of live art. She lives and works in Rijeka, Croatia. Her recent projects evolve around questions concerning the position of women artists in society.

Miloš Tomić

Miloš Tomić is a multimedia artist whose projects span film, photography, collages and sculpture. Tomić studied directing and then animation - experiences that continue to influence his practice.

Nedyalko Delchev

Nedyalko Delchev, theatre director from Bulgaria, brings with him experiences of the pre-CORNERS project SEAS Xpedition Turkey 2010. The artistic expression of Nedyalko Delchev ranges from staging the old masters like Gogol and Shakespeare to collaborating with innovative contemporary authors.

Nils Personne

Nils Personne was born 1959. Works as a composer, theatre musician, orchestra leader and, since 1984, an actor/musician when he begin with Jordcirkus (Earthcirkus), a Sweden-based international theatre collective. In 1989 he started together with 2 colleagues the Klezmer group Sabbath Hela Veckan which has toured throughout Europe for more than 20 years, with thousands of concerts, radio & TV appearances och 3 CD records produced.

Oskar Östergren

Since 2003 Oskar has been running his own business full time. Together with Fredrik Oskarsson, under the name oskar & oskarsson. Documentary film production has been the core, but their business has also included education and other film and art assignments.

Paula McFetridge

Paula has been Artistic Director of Kabosh since August 2006. Founded in 1994, Kabosh is the only site-specific theatre company in the north of Ireland and is committed to challenging the notion of what theatre is and where it takes place.

Phil Hession

Phil Hession was born in Omagh in 1978 and now lives and works in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A visual artist working with performance and video, his work explores how oral traditions (song and storytelling) have evolved and attempts to present these traditions in a contemporary manner.

Primož Bezjak

Primož Bezjak holds a BA in acting at AGRFT (Academy for theater, radio, film and TV). The past 12 years he has worked professionally in the field of Performing arts and made around 40 performances and 9 movies.

Riccardo Spagnulo

Riccardo Spagnulo (1984) is playwright and actor. Since 2006, he travels across Italy and Europe with the company Fibre Parallele, performing own shocking and ironic plays.

Saadia Hussain

Saadia is an visual artist, art activist, artistic director and art educator based in Stockholm. Born in Lahore in 1973 and raised from the age of 7 in Stockholm. Saadia got her higher art education from National College of Arts in Lahore as well at Konstfack in Stockhom.

Sara L Gamarro

Sara Gamarro is an Italian soprano, composer and stage director. She has performed the Italian and world premières of many new scores - some of them purposely written for her - and taken part in the creation of several contemporary theater, dance and art works that have been performed all over Italy and the United States.

Sergiy Petlyuk

Date of birth: 8 March 1981
Place of birth: Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine Education:
1998-2000: Pricar pathian University, Department of Visual Arts, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
(None final degree)
2000-2005: Lviv National Academy of Art, Department of Painting, Lviv, Ukraine
(Master of Fine Arts and Art Education) Residence
2009 participation ...

SIMKA – Simon Häggblom and Karin Lind

SIMKA is the project name for the visual artists Simon Häggblom’s and Karin Lind’s shared artistic activities. Through SIMKA they combine their knowledge and skill from visual art, set design and landscape architecture. The core of their work is the investigation and formation of different spaces and sites for human interaction. Informed by the tensions between urbanity and nature, as well as the fictional and the habitual world. The pieces are more or less permanent, located in the gaps, the solitary or disintegrated spaces of the public or private sphere.

Simon Farid

Taking on the role of a hacker or trickster he looks to playfully intervene in the identity-generation process, operating as ‘other people’ and enacting ways to counter emergent institutional identity confirmation mechanisms. A quick Google search will, of course, reveal ...

Siniša Labrović

Siniša Labrović is a freelance artist who lives in Zagreb, born in 1965. In 1997 he graduated in Croatian literature and language in Zagreb. He has worked with visual arts since 2000, exhibiting all over Croatia and abroad in Novi Sad, Vršac, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Celje, Graz, Carlisle, Reykjavik, Regensburg, Dundee, Istanbul, Venice, Budapest, Berlin, Prague, Dresden and Lodz.

ŠKART Dragan Protic & Djordje Balmazovic

Škart is a collective founded in 1990 at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. While experimenting through their work, they focus primarily between the medium of poetry and design. “Architecture of human relationships” is their main concept.

Una Bauer

Dr Una Bauer wrote her thesis on contemporary choreographic practices in the works of Jérôme Bel, Thomas Lehmen, Raimund Hoghe and BADco. She was a PhD student in Dance and Performance at Queen Mary, University of London, where she also taught three courses: London, Culture, Performance; Dance Theatre and Director’s Theatre.

Valeria Simone

Valeria Simone is a playwright and director. She has a degree in foreign Languages and Literatures and a Phd in Contemporary Philosophy.

Bojan Djordjev

Born in 1977 in Belgrade, Bojan Djordjev graduated in theatre directing in 2001 and theory of arts and media in 2007. As an author, director and performer he has worked with numerous theatre projects in Belgrade, and several in Stuttgart, Vienna, Lyon, Gent. Since 2002 he is the co‐author of migrating (Gent, Zagreb, Stuttgart, Bucharest, Belgrade, Vienna, San Diego) long term archive-°©‐performance project Desert of Picture, together with Siniša Ilić.

Helen Sharp

Helen Sharp is an artist living and working in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland currently studying for a degree in equine management . Helen grew up on the tiny Hebridean island of Vatersay in Scotland and left the islands to take up ...

Katarzyna Krakowiak

Katarzyna Krakowiak, born 1980 in Poland, has since 2005 collaborated on the Ashaver220. She works extensively using the Internet and mobile communications. As a sculpturer and installation artist, she has collaborated with architects, stage designers, mobile communications technicians.

Katarzyna Pastuszak

She began her dance and theatre education in 1995. Since then, she participated in various workshops and conferences on dance, butoh dance, contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation and various theatre methods. She visited Japan twice (2008 and 2011) to perform ...

Lala Raščić

Born in Sarajevo, living and working in Zagreb, Sarajevo and New Orleans. Rascic has attended Academy of Fine arts in Zagreb and Rijkakademie van Belledende Kunsten, Amstserdam. Her projects often take the shape of videos, artifacts, installations, drawings – all feeding into the same narrative thread.

Leszek Bzdyl

Leszek Bzdyl (1964) is the founder and artistic director of Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre. Professional stage career since 1987 (Henryk Tomaszewski’s Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre 1987-1990; Wojciech Misiuro’s Expression Theatre 1990-1992). Graduated from the Department of Philosophy and History, the University of Wrocław, in 1990.

Levan Adamia

Born 1972, Levan Adamia studied painting at Nikoladze Art School, Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts and later film & television at Edinburgh College of Art. He graduated with a bachelor degree in 1997. Since then Levan worked on various film productions as art director, also as director of photography for music videos and advertising.

Luka Zet Zautashvili

Luka Zet is a multimedia artist, architect and video maker. His emphasis is that the focal point for socio-cultural development necessarily emerges from the individual. The individual as a basis of ideas, senses and activities, plays the main role in art or any other form of expression.

Maria McManus

Maria McManus is a poet and playwright. She has contributed to the arts in a sustained way for more than 20 years, through arts in healthcare, music and literary activities. She is co-founder of ‘Write! Down’ a collaborative of writers in Co. Down and was Chair of the Wild Geese Festival of Literature and Song, for five years between 2001 and 2006. Having worked for 26 years in healthcare in Northern Ireland, she gave up her job in April 2012 in order to put writing and the arts at the hub of her life.

Mikael Lundberg

Mikael Lundberg transfers his reactions to our world’s ambiguities into structures that reflect mankind’s various wanderings, the quality of physical matter and the light’s material character and almost mystical features. While he does not depict the world mimetically as in traditional painting or sculpture, many of his works can nonetheless be described as being sculptures or pictures.

Mirko Simić – Simo

Mirko Simić was born on 6th of May 1965 in Valjevo (Serbia). He is living and working in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Phil Wood

Phil Wood was born in 1959 in Yorkshire, England and has been a freelance urban and cultural policy activist and researcher since 2000. His main interests lie in the application of creativity to the transformation of post-industrial settlements; managing the growing ethnic diversity of cities for creative rather than destructive ends; and the subversive use of public space. He argues that truly sustainable change must go beyond economics, physical infrastructure and superficial image to take account of the deeper emotional and cultural forces which shape a place and its people.

Rita Marcalo

Rita Marcalo is a choreographer and artistic director of Bradford-based company Instant Dissidence. As a company they are currently developing a programme of work entitled Less Bums on Seats and More Bodies in Space, in partnership with Dance4. She is a published writer in the area of performance and is currently editing a pilot e-publication on choreography which will be launched in 2014. She regularly runs workshops, classes and artist talks in higher education, as well as in the community, in both the UK and abroad.

Tomas Håkki Eriksson

Tomas Håkki Eriksson, educated at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, lives in Ljungaverk, Sweden. In addition to t-shirt production and design Tomas also gives lectures as well as exhibiting, performing and dj-ing on the subject of rural identity. ”Håkki” ...

Tonya McMullan

Tonya McMullan studied Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2004 she has since developed her practice to include a range of media including performance. Currently based in Belfast she was a co director at Catalyst Arts (2010 – 2012), and is a founding member of the PRIME Collective. Her work has been presented in the UK, Ireland, Serbia, Turkey, Asia and the U.S, and she is a recent recipient of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and British Council Artist International Development Award.

Željko Zorica Šiš

Zeljko Zorica, born 1957, died 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia was a multimedia artist, active in different artistic fields as a performer, set designer, cartoonist, graphic designer, writer & organizer.