Docu Art by Julie Myers from Puglia Xpedition

Puglia, 8th – 21st December 2014. Voice-over Puglia Tuesday – Liberta market, chain rolls up, chain rolls down, I love you, I love you, wooden crates, radio plays, sex shaped cheese, loose biscuits. He shakes a blue basin full of ...

Gianfranco Mirizzi’s DocuArt from North East England Xpedition: “Faces”

Faces is a transformed game - or a “broken game” if you like - derived from classic Jigsaw Puzzle.

Sara L Gamarro from North East England Xpedition: “Human Ornitology”

Please follow the instructions contained.

DocuArt by Sara L Gamarro from Puglia Xpedition

Contrary to currently fashionable notions, the triumph of capitalism, whether private or State, is not that it was able to trap the desire to be different in the commodity, but rather that it went far beyond that, making people accept ...

DocuArt by Lucyna Kolendo from Puglia Xpedition

DocuArt by Valeria Simone from Puglia Xpedtion: “Apnea”

*English below Nella cucina di un appartamento molto semplice. Mr A. è in piedi davanti al tavolo e pela delle patate. B entra e si avvicina a Mr A. Mr A.: Sei tornato presto oggi. Chiudi la tenda. B: C’è ...

Do you see red in the sky?

DocuArt by Bojan Mucko from Puglia Xpedition.

DocuArt from Puglia Xpedition by Mila Pavičević

During our adventure the decision was to set and break the rules for common playground. The rules are: 1) We keep our hands, knees and ears to the ground. 2) We listen and observe. 3) The pace of the drum ...

Why sunsets are red – DucuArt from Puglia Xpedition by Gianfranco Mirizzi

“Why sunsets are red” is an audio-visual collage of suggestions and reminiscences from Puglia Corners Xpedition. The video aims to investigate poetically the topics of travelling and experiencing, other than reflecting about the role of memories in the perception and ...

132 Candles – DocuArt by Ixone Ormaetxe

A small action that the group of Corners artist made in Brindisi. An action is related to the massive killing of children in Pakistan. That was the way to show sorrow and total condemnation to the terrorist attack.

DocuArt by Kajsa Sandström: Mirror intervention in Kaliningrad

With me on this, my third travel with Intercult; Corners East Xpedition, I take a round mirror of the kind Chris Biddlecombe, Scottish artist and sculptor, and I worked with on our previous Intercult encounters in Aberdeen and in Turkey: One side of the mirror is flat, the other slightly concave making a 1×3 magnification. I decide on a mirror with a subtle crack through its’ surface, slightly interrupting the distance in the space of the image.

What one can see

CORNERS X-Pedition, Puglia, Italy December 2014 By Maria Anastassiou