• Corners in Gdansk

    For the last two weeks the artists had a chance to carry out workshops across different age groups, but they also met many random people. Most of our guests have never experienced Polish culture before; they based their knowledge upon pieces they heard in mass media, therefore they were concerned about issues of increasing nationalism, tense political situation or racism. Fortunately, their doubts got quickly resolved.

  • Corners Trnje

    CORNERS visited Zagreb first in April 2012 during the Balkan Xpedition, then again in May and June 2016 during CORNERS Triangle that was also happening in Rijeka and Ljubljana, and now CORNERS is back again in Zagreb, and coming straight to neighbourhood Trnje! This time with two great workshops for kids: Birdhouse Gallery and Playground!

  • Audience in the center: Let’s talk about audience development…

    One snowy morning we all crowded the champagne bar at the top floor of Södra teatern, the oldest theatre building in Stockholm with an amazing view on the whole city. Contrary to what you might imagine, we weren’t there to drink champagne but to take part in the Audience Links Xchange, a conference that tackled the questions of audience development, starting from the point that one of the greatest challenges for cultural operators and institutions is to reach the broadest possible audience.

  • CORNERS Gdańsk

    Our projects are flying to the next European corner – Gdańsk! Motto of Gdańsk „Freedom of Culture. Culture of Freedom” ensures us it will be great and inspiring journey. We will present 10 Corners project in Lower City, district which is very close to the city centre but differs from the Main City and its „Kings Road”. It is undergoing the process of revitalisation and combines green areas, Motlava river channels and old tenement houses. Stay tuned and book your time for Gdańsk between 20th and 21st May.

  • Audience Links Xchange: The Future of the European Project

    One of the largest challenges for cultural producers and cultural institutions is how to reach out to new and diverse audiences. Intercult dedicates a whole week, from 20 to 24 of February 2017 to Audience Links X-change which includes an international conference, workshops and internal meetings with invited international guests. The common theme is Audience Development.