• From Donostia to Gdansk!

    After showing great art that was made in collaboration with the people of Amara, a neighbourhood of San Sebastian / Donostia, our next stop is Poland. We’ll be back on the streets in May, this time in Gdansk. Until some new encounters with CORNERS artists, take a look at the photos from our recent event in San Sebastian / Donostia here!

  • CORNERS San Sebastian / Donostia

    The CORNERS in San Sebastian / Donostia will offer art installations, exhibitions, performances, shows and guided tours devised by around thirty international artists

    Most of the project will run between 28 September and 2 October, but there will be three prior events taking place on 19 September (“Hide or Reveal”, an installation on the No. 26 bus route) , 20 September (the official opening of the “Put Yourself in My Place”) and 21 September (“In Between” exhibitions at the Ernest Lluch Centre and Anoeta underground station respectively).

    The programme’s activities will focus on different parts of the neighbourhood of Amara.

  • Next CORNERS event in San Sebastian / Donostia

    Next CORNERS event is happening in San Sebastian / Donostia from 19 September to 2 October 2016. In this European Capital of Culture for 2016, more than 30 artists will be on site, preparing the presentation of their works together with local audience. We’ll be showing following projects: Bridging the Silence, Oh My Home – Lost & Found, Sister of Another Mama, Windows, In Between, Birdhouse Gallery, Flashes, Put yourself in my place, Safari Here and Hide or Reveal.
    More info soon!

  • CORNERS Triangle

    Rijeka as a newly appointed European Capital of Culture 2020, and Zagreb and Ljubljana as capitals of Croatia and Slovenia, divided by not more than 200 kilometres are joining in a CORNERS Triangle to bring you many stories we’ve been collecting around the Europe. From 30 May to 19 Jun 2016 More than 20 CORNERS artists from all over the Europe will be working with audiences and presenting their artworks.

  • CORNERS Vranje

    “Kids on the CORNERS” is happening in Vranje, Serbia from 15th to 25th of April 2016. The event represents the beginning of activities within the program “Kids on the Corners”. In addition to the Gallery of the National Museum, the activities will be held in the premises of ​​the Community College, “Bora Stankovic” Library and Youth Cultural Centre.